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China’s Anti-Graft Show Is Educational, With Unintended Lessons


1) It’s awesome to be a Chinese officialOfficials can enjoy many perks, big and small, get all their whims pampered and live a privileged lifestyle that even money can’t buy.A former vice minister of public security, Sun Lijun, who oversaw the nation’s police force, recounted how he used to receive four or five boxes of “seafood” each year from a provincial police official. In each box, there would be $300,000 in U.S. currency, totaling $15 million over the years.“Every time he said he would deliver some seafood, I would know what it was about,” he said, smiling throughout his interview.Wang Fuyu, formerly a deputy party secretary in Hainan Province and later in Guizhou Province, asked businesspeople to buy him houses in three cities for different seasons: winter on tropical Hainan Island, summer in the cool Guizhou P …

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