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Daily Crunch: Citrix to be acquired by Vista and Evergreen/Elliott in $16.5B all-cash deal


Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for Monday, January 31! We’re putting a bow on the first month of the year today, but that doesn’t mean we’re looking back. Not at all. First, news is popping off like firecrackers. And, we’re looking ahead because we’re doing a lot of really fun live podcasting this year. See you there! – Alex
The TechCrunch Top 4

Sony buys Bungie as gaming consolidates: If you have been reading TechCrunch for more than a few days, you’ve seen us cover the Take Two-Zynga deal, and the recent Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal. Today, Sony threw another transaction into the mix, announcing that it will buy Halo-maker Bungie for billions. There have been other transactions lately as well, and if the latest agreements make it past antitrust authorities, we’ll head into next year with a more consolidated gaming industry than ever. It’s not yet clear if that will prove a power up or a debuff for gamers.
The now-infamous Bolt CEO is out: Following waves …

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