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Daily Crunch: How to remove common consumer-grade spyware from your Android phone


Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for Tuesday, February 22, 2022! We are back! Yes, after a lovely long weekend, your entire TechCrunch team is back in the saddle. Which is good because everything appears to be going on at once. So it was perfect that Slack decided that it actually wanted a four-day weekend and failed to make it to its desk on time. Oof.
In better news, Greylock’s Glen Evans is coming to Early Stage to chat about hiring in today’s insanely competitive talent market. So, you know, see you there. – Alex
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Stalkerware is bad, leaks: Stalkerware is software for consumers to keep tabs on the devices of other people. Parents and kids are the canonical example. There are other uses for the same code, naturally. And it turns out, per Zack Whittaker’s reporting for TechCrunch, that there’s a serious security flaw in some of the code of a popular set of stalkerware apps that share a backend. Here’s how to stay …

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