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Netflix adds more games, including Riot Games’ otherwise paid title ‘Hextech Mayhem’


Streaming service Netflix is expanding its gaming lineup once again with the launch of two more titles, which will begin to roll out globally starting today at 5 PM ET. Among the new addition is Riot Games’ “Hextech Mayhem,” a League of Legends story, which is also available through other gaming platforms and marketplaces, including Nintendo Switch, Steam, the Epic Games Store, and, where it’s offered as a paid download of $9.99. The other new title, “Dungeon Dwarves,” comes from Canadian developer Hyper Hippo, a company founded by Club Penguin co-founder Lance Priebe in 2012.
Both of the titles launching today represent new gaming partnerships for Netflix.
Netflix notes that “Hextech Mayhem,” a fast-paced rhy …

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