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Novi is building a B2B marketplace for brands that care about sustainability


It’s that old chestnut: You are a fancy-pants brand wanting to make a product that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because you only use fair-trade, sustainably grown ingredients and materials, but you don’t know where to turn. Next thing you know, Novi comes bursting through the wall holding a freshly squeezed pitcher of solutions to all your problems, newly backed by a $40 million bundle of checks from Tiger, Defy and Greylock.
Novi is a B2B marketplace for sustainable, innovative ingredients and packaging, helping its thousands of customers bring products to market with more sustainable materials. Essentially, Novi is taking a data-rich network of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and brands, making it easier to formulate, discover, sample and purchase sustainable and innovative ingredients and packaging as they build new products. The idea is simple: If you make it easier …

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