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Pearpop introduces dynamic NFTs that gain value as a social media post goes viral


Pearpop, the social media collaboration marketplace, is diving head-first into crypto.
With big-name backers like The Chainsmokers, Alexis Ohanian, Mark Cuban and Snoop Dogg, Pearpop is launching Pearproof, a web3 app that allows creators to mint NFTs of their social media posts. This concept isn’t necessarily new — Cent helped Jack Dorsey sell the NFT of his first Tweet for the ETH equivalent of $2.9 million — but Pearproof’s NFTs use a proprietary algorithm that allows the assets to gain value as a post itself garners more social engagement.
“We wanted to create a platform or a format that allows us not only to establish ownership, but also to be able to actually link their web2 metadata to make the NFT dynamic,” said Ray Lee, the Chief Product Officer for both Pearpop and Pearproof.
These NFTs start off as at a “vinyl” level on a tier system that Pearproof developed. As it gets more popular, the NFT can “level up” to silver, gold, platinum and other levels. The creator …

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