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Qanon in America: 41 Million Believe in the Conspiracy Theory, a Survey Finds


Two decades ago, Wikipedia arrived on the scene as a quirky online project that aimed to crowdsource and document all of human knowledge and history in real time. Skeptics worried that much of the site would include unreliable information, and frequently pointed out mistakes.But now, the online encyclopedia is often cited as a place that, on balance, helps combat false and misleading information spreading elsewhere.Last week, the Wikimedia Foundation, the group that oversees Wikipedia, announced that Maryana Iskander, a social entrepreneur in South Africa who has worked for years in nonprofits tackling youth unemployment and women’s rights, will become its chief executive in January.We spoke with her about her vision for the group and how the organization works to prevent false and misleading information on its sites and around the web.Give us a sense of your direction and vision for Wikimedia, especially in such a fraught information landscape an …

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