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QuantrolOx uses machine learning to control qubits


QuantrolOx, a new startup that was spun out of Oxford University last year, wants to use machine learning to control qubits inside of quantum computers. The company, which was co-founded by Oxford professor Andrew Briggs, tech entrepreneur Vishal Chatrath, the company’s chief scientist Natalia Ares and head of quantum technologies Dominic Lennon, today announced that it has raised a £1.4 million (or about $1.9 million) seed funding round led by Nielsen Ventures and Hoxton Ventures. Voima Ventures, Remus Capital, Dr. Hermann Hauser and Laurent Caraffa also invested in the round.
The company’s technology is technology-agnostic, and could be applied to all of the standard quantum computing technologies. The idea here is that instead of going through a slow manual tuning process, QuantrolOx’s system will be able to tune, stabilize and optimize qubits significantly faster. Current methods, QuantrolOx CEO Chatrath argues, aren’t scalable, especially as these machines continue to improve.
“I was talking to one U.S. investor. He said that we are like the picks and shovels of the quantum industry, i …

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