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Japan’s Terra Drone lands $70M Series B funding to accelerate global expansion 


As the use of aircraft like drones, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles and uncrewed aerial vehicles take off, Japanese startup Terra Drone wants to make sure trafficking the skies doesn’t get overlooked.
“Our airspace is going to get more crowded than ever, but most companies today are concentrating only on hardware development,” said Terra Drone CEO and founder Toru Tokushige, who is also serving as the CEO of Terra Motors, which develops electric vehicles. “There’s an urgent need for a global air traffic management solution to enable safe and efficient drone and urban air mobility (UAM) operations, and Terra Drone aims to be the leading player building the digital infrastructure in the sky.” 
Founded in 2016, Terra Drone develops drone software, hardware and uncrewed aircraft system traffic management solutions. The company said Wednesday it has clos …

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