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The Web Foundation is taking on deceptive design


The Web Foundation‘s Tech Policy Design Lab is working on an interesting-looking project to counter deceptive design — aka dark patterns* — with the goal of producing a portfolio of UX and UI prototypes which it hopes to persuade tech companies to adopt and policymakers to be inspired by as they fashion rules to make the online experience less exploitative of web users.
The Design Lab was launched last year to be the “action arm” of a wider Web Foundation initiative, announced back in late 2018 — when the not-for-profit digital access group proposed a “Contract for the Web” ahead of the 30th anniversary of World Wide Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s invention.
Kaushalya Gupta, its program management lead — who also heads up the Tech Design Lab — told TechCrunch that the goal for the deceptive design patterns project will be to bring “human-centered design” to bear on critical web interactions.
The project will fed by collaborative discussions involving a range of indus …

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