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Launcher shows off its 3D-printed rocket doing a full-scale burn


Rocket engines are tough pieces of hardware to build, but it’s possible that 3D printing them could be the next big thing. Relativity certainly thinks so, and has raised about a billion dollars — now Launcher is ready to accept your money too, after demonstrating full thrust on its 3D-printed E-2 engine.
Though they’re still a ways off from getting to orbit, a successful test like this is a huge step toward a working launch vehicle. The Launcher Light will be small and very efficient, aiming for a low cost to orbit and quick turnaround. But of course first it needs working engines.
Last week saw the first full-scale thrust test of the E-2, down at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The test demonstrated about 22,046 pound-feet of thrust (about 10 metric tons) using LOX/Kerosene at 100 bars of combustion pressure.
This is the thrust they’ve been aiming for …

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