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You know damn well that Trump is coming back to Twitter


Have you enjoyed your 473-day reprieve from @realdonaldtrump? Think back for a moment. Allow your mind to wander to January 8, 2021… How did you feel?
Perhaps you welcomed his sudden absence, taking it like a warm breeze in the dead of winter? Or, maybe you bristled at the idea in the name of “free speech?” More likely: You forgot about this development until very recently, as any sane person would.
Regardless of your position, you may as well forget it because I have unsettling commentary with which to replace it. When Twitter suitor Elon Musk takes the reins, Trump will return to the hellsite once more. It is only a matter of time.
Didn’t Trump literally just say he won’t rejoin Twitter?
Trump also repeatedly insisted the coronavirus was “under control” in early 2020, and we all …

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