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A brutal week of layoffs


Hi friends.
In case you missed it last week: I’m Greg, and I’m handling Week in Review now that Lucas is off with Anita building their new crypto-focused podcast/newsletter, Chain Reaction.
I’m teeeechnically supposed to be on vacation today, but I figured it was probably not cool to throw the newsletter to someone else ONE WEEK after taking over, so I popped back in for this one. I normally have very good work/life balance, I promise! Sure, I have way-too-many coworkers’ numbers set to automatically bypass my phone’s “Do Not Disturb” toggle and, yeah, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to a phantom Slack ding that didn’t actually ding, but… hm. Perhaps I take back that promise.
the big thing
If there’s a “big thing” this week, it’s unfortunately not one that’s fun to write about at all: Employees in the startup world are getting hit hard with layoffs right …

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