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Aurora unveils fleet management platform to optimize autonomous operations


Autonomous vehicle technology company Aurora Innovation has unveiled a fleet management system that can be used to help optimize operations for the startup’s trucking and ride-hailing products.
Aurora announced the platform, named Aurora Beacon, alongside its first-quarter earnings report on Wednesday, during which the company presented investors with a series of milestones on its path to commercializing its trucking product, Aurora Horizon, and launching its ride-hail product, Aurora Connect, both of which rely on the same autonomous stack.
Once Aurora reaches commercialization, Beacon will give customers access to real-time data of their vehicles, such as health, status and current location, as well as real-time alerts about things like vehicle status, ETA, traffic conditions, updates to missions and major weather events, the company says. All of these tools will be in addition to Beacon’s ability to schedule, dispatch, monitor …

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