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Coinbase is testing a real-time employee feedback system. It sounds rough.


The crypto exchange Coinbase is testing a real-time workplace feedback tool called Dot Collector, created by hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates.
Slack your colleague to say hello? Perhaps you’ll be rated as being off-task. Babbling too much in a meeting? You’ll get a low rating in efficiency. Tired after a night awake with your sleepless toddler? That’s a low enthusiasm rating. At any moment of the work day, you can rate and be rated, watching as your scores fluctuate up and down.
Per a report from The Information, Coinbase has been using Dot Collector since the first quarter of the year, emulating a less intense version of the practices at Bridgewater.
Dalio is notorious for promoting a culture of “radical transparency” at Bridgewater. The fund has been known to videotape almost everything that happens at the office for reference, and employees walk around with iPads to grade each other on their adherence to …

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