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Daily Crunch: Used-car marketplace Sylndr lands $12.6M pre-seed round, sets new record for MENA startups


Monday May 23, 2022, and we’re listening to our brand-new podcast called the TechCrunch Podcast. In it, we talk to TechCrunch writers about the stories they’re most excited about. The first episode is live now, featuring Darrell and Taylor talking about … UFOs‽ — Haje and Christine
The TechCrunch Top 3

Hey, you, get into my car: Automotive marketplace newcomer Sylndr is parking itself in a prime spot in the Egyptian used-car market with a $12.6 million pre-seed round, a big one for the region, to try to make some sense of an unorganized and outdated industry where buyers are distrustful of sellers. Sylndr’s approach is to offer both a “certified pre-owned” option — they buy the cars and get them in working condition — and financing in hopes of putting the brakes on some of that mistrust.
Is it a nerd? Is it insane? No, it’s super-Solana: If you’ll forgive the utterly dodgy Superman reference, Rita explores whether StepN, the latest crypto gaming craze, makes any sense.
High returns: Cryptocurrency has never been one for stability — heck, even the …

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