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Here are all of the companies presenting at Alchemist Accelerator’s 30th Demo Day today


It’s Demo Day time! Today marks the 30th Demo Day for Alchemist, the enterprise-focused accelerator that helped grow companies like LaunchDarkly, Rigetti Computing, and Privacera early on.
As an enterprise accelerator, the companies Alchemist backs generally focus on selling things to other companies as opposed to selling straight to consumers. Some of the companies might have a consumer angle to them as well — but their primary market will generally be other businesses.
In a conversation ahead of Demo Day, Alchemist Accelerator director Ravi Belani told me that Alchemist companies have collectively raised over $2.2 billion in capital. Alchemist has also continued to grow AlchemistX, a program in which Alchemist helps companies like LG, Si …

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