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Keelvar raises $24M to automate procurement in the supply chain


Supply chain disruptions caused — or exacerbated — by the pandemic continue to affect businesses in a range of industries. For example, thirty-six percent of small businesses responding to a U.S. Census Small Business Pulse last year reported delays with domestic suppliers. Each missed shipment or material shortage can be costly. In a 2021 Deloitte survey, more than 40% of chief financial officers indicated that supply chain shortages or delays increased their companies’ expenditures by 5% or more.
Supply chain technology companies have risen to prominence during the shortages, promising a solution to a problem that looks unlikely to abate anytime soon. One of these vendors is Keelvar, a Cork, Ireland-based supply chain analytics platform that weighs different sourcing scenarios to guide customers to decisions for their supply chains.
Keelvar is headed by Alan Holland, who left his position as a lecturer in AI at the University of College Cork to found the startup in 2012.
“My goal was to use my specialis …

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