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Tech layoffs top 15K in a brutal May


It’s been a rough month in the tech sector. We’ve rounded up week after week of layoffs, and according to aggregator, more than 15,000 tech workers have lost their jobs this month. Hopefully the sun will come out in June.
A number of tech companies that enjoyed pandemic-related surges are facing a correction, due to a number of factors, from rising inflation, economic distress, war and shifting consumer taste buds. Companies including Meta and Twitter have publicly announced hiring freezes, while Snap confirmed this week that it is slowing hiring as it misses revenue targets.
It’s worth noting that a change in hiring cadence, along with the Great Resignation, could mean that headcount is net decreasing at the aforementioned companies, as people leave and companies are slow to refill those empty positions.
On Thursday, the enterprise e-commerce platform Vtex announced t …

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