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Why Convoy’s Dan Lewis expects digital freight to go mainstream within the year


‘The industry is going to contract differently’

Rebecca Bellan

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Dan Lewis, co-founder and CEO of digital freight company Convoy, didn’t start his company because he had a deep and abiding passion for trucking. At least, not at first.
The executive has a background in strategy and management consulting that progressed into a career in product development for top tech companies like Google and Amazon. But when he was struck by the urge to start a company, he researched the money-attracting industries of the world, and then, using AngelList, saw how many companies were trying to disrupt those industries.
His search yielded thousands of companies that were working on industries ranging from telecommunications and fashion to video games and food. Billions of dollars were going into trucking each year but fewer than 30 startups showed an interest in the field.
“I saw a massive opportunity and few people going after it,” Lewis told TechCrunch.

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