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A 7-step method for running effective pitch meetings


Nathan Beckord

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Iddo Tal has an infectious enthusiasm for fundraising. He believes that when startup founders know how to raise money, they can find the freedom to approach investors with confidence and raise the capital they need to grow their company.
Tal developed his methodologies in the course of leading five startups over more than 20 years. His biggest success story was invi Labs, a smart messaging app that was acquired by Google in 2018, which integrated the technology into Google Messages. By the time he stepped down as product manager in 2020, the platform had more than 600 million users worldwide.
This article is based on an episode of Foundersuite’s How I Raised It podcast, where Tal shared his seven-step method to managing a meeting with investors, including actionable tips for effectively following up on promising pitches.

“Would you enjoy being in a meeting day after day with people trying to hard sell you the entire time?” Iddo Tal

When Tal began pitching investors in Silicon Valley, it took him some time to understand the dynamics at work in those meetings.
“Would you enjoy being in a meeting day after day with people trying to hard …

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