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Chick-fil-A taps Refraction AI for autonomous delivery pilot


When Refraction AI was founded in 2019, its goal was to use robotics to bring down the cost of last-mile delivery. Over the past couple of years, the startup has worked directly with restaurants in its hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, to offer its bike-lane bound robots as a logistics layer for customers, rather than trying to be another DoorDash or UberEats.
A little less than a year ago, Refraction moved its commercial operations down to Austin, Texas, where it continued cultivating individual relationships with restaurants. Along the way, the company learned that while offering customers favorable delivery rates was still a priority, Refraction’s real unique selling point is its ability to deliver a higher quality and scalable service.
“You can maybe negotiate great prices with DoorDash, but you can’t make DoorDash give you the A1 qual …

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