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Daily Crunch: Citing ‘overreaching activism,’ SpaceX reportedly fires workers who decried Musk’s behavior


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There we go, today it’s Friday! We’re planning to spend some quality time with a headset and a collection of amazing TechCrunch podcasts — here’s our roundup of this week’s episodes, enthusiastically curated and collected by Henry. We’re taking Monday off for Juneteenth. If you’re outside the U.S. (or not fully up to speed inside the U.S., for that matter), this article from the New York Times is a great introduction.
Also, Haje appears to be running a fever today, so if some of the jokes in this newsletter make even less sense than usual, let’s blame it on him running on three-and-a-quarter brain cells today. — Haje and Christine
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Getting to Mars with fewer people: Not sure if it is a coincidence, but commenters to our story from yesterday felt the group of SpaceX employees, that circulated an open letter challenging Elon Musk’s Twitter b …

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