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Daily Crunch: Indian edtech giant Byju’s delays $1B acquisition payment, lays off hundreds of workers


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Greetings on this Hump Day. We’ve got one housekeeping item for you: We need your vote on what roundtable sessions you’d like to see at Disrupt. And if you didn’t get a chance to read Becca’s piece on what venture capital deal terms look like in this environment, she and Natasha break down the story in today’s Equity podcast.  — Christine

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Hits keep coming: Byju’s capital woes are spilling over into its ability to make payments for a $1 billion acquisition of physical coaching center provider Aakash, Manish reports. This follows some layoffs the company made at online learning platforms Toppr and WhiteHat Jr.
What gives with these layoffs?: And if you were wondering where all of these 2022 layoffs are coming from, Alex writes it has little to do with the economic correction we saw in early 2020, but instead was touched off by a crappy public market.
Extra extra, read all about it!: If you were on pins and needles about Snapchat+, its new paid subscription plan it was testing, wait no more. Ivan writes that Snapchat+ is here and is $3.99 per month for all the new features you can stand.

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