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Proptech still has fundamental problems for entrepreneurs to solve


Jake Fingert

Jake Fingert is a managing partner at Camber Creek, a strategic venture capital firm investing in real estate technology companies.

Lionel Foster

Over the last decade, one tech sector that affects everyone’s quality of life — from where we live to what we put in our homes — has come a long way. Proptech has made our lives easier with innovations like smart homes, AirBnB, and the ability to shop for and secure a mortgage from our phones.
But major gaps, and opportunities, remain.
For example, the single-family residential market is enormous. Approximately $2 trillion worth of homes were sold in 2021, per CoreLogic. But buying a home is still an excruciatingly difficult process. A team from Keller Williams identified 180 things a seller’s agent does, and even this list, as exhaustive as it is, does not fully account for the many other players in a typical transaction.
Today, buying a house is a lot like running the steeplechase: you have to sprint between obstacles and pray you have the stamina to survive it all. It should not be this hard. So let’s fix it. This is a call to current and would-be proptech entrepreneurs to solve the problems that are close to home.
There has arguably never been a better moment to get sta …

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