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What Europe’s Universal Charger Mandate Means for You


Most of us own multiple types of chargers to replenish our devices. That’s because many products, like Apple phones and Microsoft Surface computers, are plugged in with wires that use unique connectors.Soon, that may no longer be the case.This month, the European Union announced a mandate that will require all new portable devices like smartphones, earbuds and wireless keyboards to use a common charger by 2024. Two years later, the same rules will apply to new laptops.Although the law will be enforced throughout Europe, it may affect consumers worldwide. That’s because it will most likely be costly for tech companies to make products with different charging technology only for European countries.The legislation, which regulators say will reduce e-waste, appears targeted at Apple, whose iPhones, iPads and Macs use an array of charging technologies. Apple, which declined …

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