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As regulation heats up, will gaming studios’ gamble on loot boxes pay off?


You’d be hard pressed to find a game that doesn’t include some form of microtransactions these days, especially in mobile games. It just makes sense for gaming companies — an immensely lucrative source of revenue, the microtransactions market was worth at $60 billion in 2021, and projected to hit $106 billion by 2026.
Typically offered as in-game collectibles, currencies or chance-based loot boxes, microtransactions are now better received than they were a few years ago. Loot boxes, which are a way for players to receive random in-game rewards in exchange for real money, have been disparaged for a while now, and they’re now increasingly subject to government scrutiny.
Loot boxes have become an issue because they encourage spending real money for a miniscule chance at obtaining v …

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