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Get ready for TechCrunch Sessions: Crypto in November


Whether you love it, hate it or barely understand it, you can’t escape the wild world of blockchain. It’s one of the buzziest technologies going due to both its potential and its volatility. Will it fulfill its promise to democratize financial transactions and access, or will its risky nature stymie its move to the mainstream?
We’ll dig into these questions — and plenty more — at TechCrunch Sessions: Crypto, which takes place on November 17 in Miami, Florida. This is our first dedicated foray into the cryptoverse, and we can’t wait to hear from some of the leading movers, shakers and risk-takers in web3, DeFi and NFTs.
Whether you’re a whale, a degen or a new ape (or someone who’s interested, but has no idea what those terms mean), you’ll find information and opportunity at TC Sessions: Crypto. As with every Tech …

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