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How to Invest for Retirement During a Bear Market


I wouldn’t wish this bear market on anyone.A lot of people have been losing a lot of money — not just billionaires, but ordinary working people who have been salting away savings for years.It will be even worse for those who lose their jobs in a recession, which could easily happen as the Federal Reserve tries to wring inflation out of the economy.This is, in short, a rough moment for the economy and the markets, and may seem to be the wrong time to put fresh money into the stock market. Yet that is exactly what I’m suggesting, not just for people like me who have become accustomed to buying shares steadily over many years, but for those who are just starting out and are likely to have decades of investing ahead of them.In fact, when you are young, investing during a bear market can be great for your future wealth, and, perhaps, your eventual retirement.This may seem counterintuitive but …

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