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The Magic of Your First Work Friends


The things that Lisa Degliantoni learned at 22 from the two best friends she met at her New York City publishing job included but were not limited to:How to take feedback from a boss without compromising on her ideas.How to have fun at the office holiday party without getting too drunk.When to take a summer off and teach white-water rafting to get perspective.When she’d landed upon the perfect guy to marry.Ms. Degliantoni, now 50, feels that she owes parts of her career, her family and her very sense of self in the workplace to those two first work friends, Ginny Cahill, 61, and Molly Miller, 56.There’s an electricity to forming that first close friend at work. It’s the thrill of staying too late at drinks to keep giggling. It’s the delight of darting to someone’s desk and dragging her to the bathroom to gossip. It’s the tenderness of showing up to work on a rough morning and realizing a co-worker will know instantly that something …

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