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TikTok says ‘Project Texas’ will bolster security for U.S. users in wake of China data access concerns


Over the weekend, TikTok wrote to Republican Senators to assure them that it’s working on a program called “Project Texas” to bolster data security for U.S.-based users. This was in response to the Senators’ letter to the company dated June 27 that questioned its data access policy after BuzzFeed News reported some China-based employees had access to U.S. TikTok users’ data.
“The broad goal for Project Texas is to help build trust with users and key stakeholders by improving our systems and controls, but it is also to make substantive progress toward compliance with the final agreement with the U.S. government that will fully safeguard user data and U.S. national security interests,” TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew said in the letter.
Chew hoped that the company’s response to Senators’ questions in the letter will assure them that the short video app hasn’t misled Congress at any point.
While reiterating its goal of mo …

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