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A look at progress toward venture equity this Women’s Equality Day


Today is Women’s Equality Day, otherwise known as the day women were granted the right to vote. There’s nuance to the date, of course, as Indigenous women weren’t guaranteed that right in every state until 1962 and Black women weren’t allowed to vote until 1965.
This story of delayed progress is still seen in every American industry and sector. Venture capital is no different. Overall, women received 2.3% of the $341 billion in venture funds secured by U.S. startups last year — that’s around $7.7 billion, and it was a record sum for solely women-founded companies.
Progress in the amount of venture capital funding raised by companies with all-women teams has been slow and daunting, if steady. Looking at PitchBook data, in 2008, all-women founding teams raised $461 million out of the nearly $37 billion invested in U.S. startups that year. B …

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