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Amazon fined over labor law breaches in Spain


Amazon has been fined again for breaching labor laws in Catalonia, Spain. The ecommerce giant has been under investigation by regional labor authorities over its subcontracting practices for a number of years.
According to local press reports, the latest fine for Amazon — of €3.2 million — follows a penalty of over €800,000 it received in 2020, for similar breaches of labor laws. In both instances, the Generalitat fined companies Amazon had subcontracted for delivery services or to provide it with temporary staff — issuing a total of around €2.6M in fines to 17 companies in the latest case, per local media.
A spokesperson for the regional government confirmed the penalties, telling TechCrunch: “The Catalan Labour Inspectorate proposes a [total] fine of €5.8M to Amazon for subcontracti …

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