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Cloudera launches its all-in-one SaaS data lakehouse


Cloudera, the Hadoop-centric big data company that IPO’d in 2017 and then went private again in a $5.3 billion deal in 2021, is now putting its emphasis on becoming the unified data fabric for hybrid data platforms. Today, the company took a next stop in this direction with the launch of its Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) One data lakehouse as a service (LaaS?). This managed offering is meant to give enterprises a platform to enable self-service analytics and data access for more of their employees.
The company calls it the “first all-in-one data lakehouse SaaS offering,” though I guess being ‘first’ here depends on the definition of ‘all-in-one,’ given that the likes of Databricks, which popularized the lakehouse concept, also offer SaaS-based solutions. It makes for good marketing copy, though, and Cloudera argues that its servic …

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