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Emerge Career’s tech-forward job training lets incarcerated folks hit the road on release


Reentering society after years in prison is difficult for many reasons, among which perhaps the most prosaic is simply that it’s hard to get a job — and what training and transition programs exist are far from sufficient. Emerge Career hopes to change that with an improved in-facility training curriculum that prepares the soon-to-be-formerly-incarcerated for an in-demand job using a more modern method.
The startup, itself about to emerge from Y Combinator’s latest batch, was founded by two people who had been working on improving another shortcoming of the prison system: video calls. Ameelio, which I covered back in 2020, replaced aging proprietary video calling systems in prisons with ones based on a modern open-source stack, saving money and making the whole operation simpler and better for everyone involved.
“Having spent the last …

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