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From NDA to LOI: What really happens when your startup is being acquired?


Yair Snir

Yair Snir is vice president and managing director of Dell Technologies Capital, leading venture investment activity in Europe and Israel.

What does an an acquisition process look like?
There are two kinds of acquisition processes: planned and opportunistic. A planned process is where a company looks for a suitable buyer for their business, whereas an opportunistic process is initiated by a buyer.
In either case, the process begins with first building a strong list of potential acquirers, as covered in Part 1 of this series. Then, it’s a sprint with those potential acquirers that (hopefully) results in Letters of Intent.
From there, it’s time for due diligence, which can last several weeks. With some luck and a lot of hard work, the deal will close and you’re on to post-acquisition integration.
The shopping sprint

Even if the sale price isn’t going to break records, this is an opportunity to create a successful outcome that will maximiz …

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