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Haus, a VC-backed aperitif startup, is up for sale after Series A falls through


Haus launched in 2019 as an answer to a generation’s craving for a more transparent alcohol brand, raising millions in venture funding from angels such as Casey Neistat, Away co-founder Jen Rubio and funds including Homebrew, Haystack Ventures, Coatue, Shrug Capital and Worklife Ventures. Haus has raised $17 million on rolling SAFE notes to date.
Today, CEO and co-founder Helena Price Hambrecht tapped into the same ethos of transparency to announce that the startup’s Series A fell through and the company is in the process of closing down. In an interview with TechCrunch, Hambrecht spoke about Haus’s transition from buzzy VC-backed startup to a business currently up for sale, as-is or in parts.
Haus sells a series of citrus, spice and flowery low ABV (alcohol by volume) aperitifs, meant …

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