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It’s not a DAO, it’s a Koop: 21-year-old founder raises $5M for NFT fan engagement


Natalia Murillo was an undergraduate at the University of Southern California when a professor taught her about the cryptographic technique of zero-knowledge proofs. She’s been immersed in web3 and blockchain tech ever since, dropping out of college and investing the ~$5,000 she had to her name in NFTs before starting a web3 company, Koop.
After two months in private beta, Koop, which 21-year-old CEO Murillo co-founded with CTO Conner Chyung, just launched to the public. At its core, Koop is a protocol that helps creators and communities launch NFT-based membership passes to raise funds for projects, Murillo told TechCrunch in an interview.
Koops, as they’re c …

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