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Randomly selected quotes from Zuck’s very, very long interview


Life is too short to listen to a 3-hour conversation between successful normal human Mark Zuckerberg and the farcically neutral Joe Rogan, so I’m taking a different tack: scrolling very fast through an extremely long transcript and picking nuggets more or less at random. Here’s what Zuckerberg thinks about various things.
(These quotes have been very lightly edited for clarity.)
Zuckerberg on symmetry
Part of what’s a little trippy about it is that in some ways, some of these experiences, I think, feel more realistic than for example having a Zoom call, right, where you can actually see the person’s face. Because I mean, the way that our memory works, it’s like, it’s very special. Right? So, you know, when I when I leave here today, I’ll remember that you were across from me, and there’s a symmetry, right, it’s like, you’re across from me. …

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