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Some Colleges Don’t Produce Big Earners. Are They Worth It?


As the nation’s student debtors enter Month 20 of awaiting word on when or if President Biden will keep his promise to cancel some of their debt, many questions hang in the air.How much should the federal government dismiss? Should higher-income people qualify? If everyone gets at least some relief, will future debtors expect it, too?But here’s a question we’re not asking often enough: What should we do about the schools that left borrowers in a challenging situation to begin with? Without any changes to the higher education system and its institutions, debt will continue spiraling into the trillions of dollars.One thing to do is for applicants and their families to shop differently. A good place to start is studying available government data for any school you’re considering to see whether people who attended earn more than they would have if they had gone straight into the work force after high school. …

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