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Tech Hacks to Make Traveling Right Now Less of a Headache


Anyone who has gone on a trip in the last year probably has a horror story. Canceled flights have abounded. Customer service wait times with airlines can be hours long. In some places, the costs of rental cars and plane tickets have become astronomical.Many of the economic problems birthed by the coronavirus pandemic — including high gas prices and burnout-induced resignations — have hit the travel industry especially hard, just as people have resumed taking trips and leaving home for vacations.So nearly three years into Covid-19, travelers still need to take a modified approach to planning their getaways. That’s where these tech hacks come in. When the virus was more deadly, trip planning mostly involved doing online research to see where we were allowed to go and what was required. Now using tech can help make travel less chaotic and more comfortable, and assist in avoiding customer service snafus.The most important timesaving tech travel tip right now is to avoid apps and websites that book through a third party, even though they can sa …

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