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Why Totino’s Needs 25 Ways to Make Pizza Rolls


It takes about 21 ingredients to make a Totino’s pizza roll, the bite-size snack that soared in popularity during the pandemic as people sought easy-to-make meals.And on any given day since last winter, at least one of those ingredients, if not many, has either been difficult to find or insanely expensive.The shortages became so bad at one point that General Mills, which makes Totino’s, simply couldn’t produce enough.“We had lots of empty shelves,” said Jon Nudi, the company’s president of North America. “Every time we had something fixed, something else popped up.”General Mills is not used to empty shelves. The company sells $19 billion worth of food a year, everything from Chex and Cheerios cereals, Annie’s organic Cheddar bunnies and Betty Crocker cake mixes to pet food under the Blue Buffalo brand. With 26 factories in North America, it juggles 13,000 ingredients from around th …

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