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Clearview AI, Used by Police to Find Criminals, Now in Public Defenders’ Hands


It was the scariest night of Andrew Grantt Conlyn’s life. He sat in the passenger seat of a two-door 1997 Ford Mustang, clutching his seatbelt, as his friend drove approximately 100 miles per hour down a palm tree-lined avenue in Fort Myers, Fla. His friend, inebriated and distraught, occasionally swerved onto the wrong side of the road to pass cars that were complying with the 35 mile- an-hour speed limit.“Someone is going to die tonight,” Mr. Conlyn thought.And then his friend hit a curb and lost control of the car. The Mustang began spinning wildly, hitting a light pole and three palm trees before coming to a stop, the passenger’s side against a tree.At some point, Mr. Conlyn blacked out. When he came t …

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