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Disney+ releases its first AR-enabled short film, ‘Remembering,’ starring Brie Larson


Today is Disney+ Day, and, as part of its perks, the company is offering Disney+ subscribers a new AR experience in conjunction with the short film “Remembering,” starring and produced by “Captain Marvel” Brie Larson and directed and written by filmmaker Elijah Allan-Blitz. The eight-minute-long movie features a companion augmented reality app that allows users to scan their TV with an iOS device to watch an extension of the movie on the small screen.
In “Remembering,” Larson plays a writer who forgets an idea she had when her phone rings and interrupts her thoughts. The writer’s inner child—played by the young actress Dusty Peak—helps her recover her lost idea, which is represented as a flying and talking cluster of light, also voiced by Larson. The inner child lives in “The World of Imagination,” a fantastical wonderland full of rainbows, shooting stars, and dolphin-shap …

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