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Meta wants you to create more Instagram and Facebook accounts and hop between them easily


Meta is working on making it easier for users to switch between Facebook and Instagram accounts through a new profile switching tool.
Anyone using either app will be able to hop between them if they’ve linked those profiles through Meta’s centralized profile hub, the Accounts Center. When logged into one app, users can easily toggle between the apps now through the profile menu, where any linked accounts will appear.

Meta encourages users to enable “connected experiences” through the Accounts Center, which unifies identity across its products. The feature is in testing for now, but the test is widely available for iOS, Android and web users around the world.
At the same time that Meta wants users to rely on a centralized account across apps, the company is also making it simpler to create and manage multiple accounts. Now users can create new accounts with an existing Instagram or Facebook login rather than signing up from scratch, which was admittedly kind of annoying just …

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