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One year later, Apple’s privacy changes helped boost its own ads business, report finds


A new report examing the impact of Apple’s privacy feature, App Tracking Transparency, indicates Apple’s ads business appears to have financially benefitted as a result of the feature’s launch. Now over a year old, App Tracking Transparency, or ATT, reached mass adoption in June 2021, allowing for a comparative year-over-year analysis of the post-ATT mobile ads landscape, which finds how Apple has benefitted from the privacy update.
According to a review by the performance insights platform InMobi’s Appsumer, Apple’s Search Ads business has now joined the Facebook-Google advertising duopoly after growing its adoption by 4 percentage points to reach 94.8% year-over-year, while Facebook’s adoption dropped 3% to 82.8%.
Image Credits: InMobi’s Appsumer
Facebook, or Meta as it’s now called, has long argued that Apple’s ATT would cut into its ad …

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