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5 ways biotech startups can mitigate risk to grow sustainably in the long run


Omar Khalil

Omar Khalil is a partner at Santé Ventures, where he focuses primarily on biotechnology and medical technology companies.

The unprecedented explosion of investment in life sciences over the past decade has resulted in incredible new therapies for patients, strong financial returns for companies and an overall increase in translational research, which is critical to advancing the next generation of therapies. It has also led to eye-popping levels of capital raised by early-stage companies, some of which were years away from entering the clinic with their first product.
Naturally, a generous flow of financing generates excitement for everyone involved. Capital is the fuel that advances scientific and technological innovation, and it means a life science startup can create products that benefit the world at large.
But what happens when the funding suddenly dries up?
In the world of biotech, for example, it’s extremely capital intensive to develop multiple products that are all going through clinical trials simultaneously. The infrastructure nee …

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