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Highnote launches a collaboration platform for musicians and podcasters offering voice notes, polls and more


Highnote launched to the public today, allowing musicians, podcasters, and other creators to collaborate on audio files by recording voice notes directly over a track, making timestamped reactions, and creating polls to get opinions.
Highnote also announced its pre-seed funding round of $1.7 million.
The new platform aims to be a space for musicians, podcasters and their collaborators to listen to audio files and have conversations all in one place.
It’s typical for creators and their teams to rely on email, text messages, Word Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other file-sharing services and tools that aren’t optimized for audio content, Highnote co-founder and CEO Jordan Bradley told TechCrunch.
“Might come as a surprise, but the audio world, in large part, uses general-purpose tools to discuss and iterate their files, …

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