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Netmaker connects servers spread across multiple locations with WireGuard


Meet Netmaker, a startup that can help you create and manage a virtual overlay network that works across the internet. In other words, Netmaker is a layer that makes it feel like different machines are right next to each other and connected to the same local network.
Behind the scenes, Netmaker relies heavily on WireGuard, a VPN protocol with great performances. Compared to older VPN protocols like OpenVPN or IPsec, WireGuard is faster, more secure and more flexible at the same time.
Netmaker is the orchestration part of the equation. It spins up and manages WireGuard tunnels across your network. When you push a configuration change, it propagates that change to all the machines in the network. Similarly, if there’s an update, Netmaker can push updates to all the clients in your setup.
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