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Staax thinks peer-to-peer payments can onboard a new generation of stock investors


For better or for worse, Robinhood helped inspire a new generation of investors to enter the stock market. Now that investing is cool again, upstarts like Staax, which pitched today at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield, are finding new ways to cash in on its cachet, particularly among young people.
Nikki Varanasi, Staax’s founder and CEO, was managing an $800 million fund-of-funds at McKinsey when she began to take notice of the lack of resources available to aspiring investors who wanted to get comfortable with the process.
“When I looked at my friend group, who was still shy to invest or didn’t know where to start, I saw this huge gap when it came to institutional investing versus everyday people. There were resources on the market, like …

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